Recent talks
Flavors of n: On the morphosyntax of collective nouns. WCCFL 28, Los Angeles (USC), February 19-21, 2010.

On a derivational and an inflectional diminutive. NELS 40, Cambridge, MA (MIT), November 13-15, 2009. (together with Noam Faust and Nicola Lampitelli)

On Breton pluralization. (2010) Unpublished manuscript.

Flavors of n: when derivation restricts functional structure. (2010) Unpublished manuscript.

A morphosyntactic decomposition of countability in Germanic. (to appear) The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 14. Pre-published version.

On an inflectional and a derivational diminutive. (2010) Unpublished manuscript. (together with Noam Faust and Nicola Lampitelli)

On the distribution of pre-determiner universal quantifiers. (2009) Proceedings of the 39th meeting of the North East Linguistics Society.

Silence and the construct state in Dutch date expressions. (2007) In: Botma, Bert & Marjo Van Koppen (eds.) Linguistics in the Netherlands 2007. Amsterdam: Bejamins Publishing Company. p. 25-35. Pre-published version.

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Marijke De Belder