I am currently a postdoc researcher in linguistics at the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) with a grant from the Flemish Foundation for Science (FWO). Earlier I was a postdoc lecturer at Utrecht University (UU), after having been a PhD student at the same institutions.

The project in morphosyntax I am currently working on focusses on the syntax-lexicon interface. Its goal is to support the thesis that roots (aka lexical or open-class vocabulary items) do not determine the functional structure in which they appear. In other words, I contribute to the research agenda which states that functional structure determines the meaning and use of the root. I argue for the elimination of lexical categories from syntax. My work therefore has a close affinity with both the Exo-Skeletal Model and Distributed Morphology.

Marijke De Belder
Empirical evidence of me being in Brussels.